Sex and Love Addiction Treatment

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery has a very successful Sex and Love Addiction treatment program.

Sex and Love Addiction is often a co-occurring disorder with other addictions and compulsive behaviors. Sex and love-seeking activities can escalate to the point that relationships are negatively affected; careers and finances can be destroyed.

“Sexual addiction and compulsivity often arise from a background of childhood sexual trauma, neglect, and other forms of abuse.”

The Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Sex and Love Addiction treatment program utilizes Dr. Patrick Carnes’ Thirty-Task Model to treat men struggling with sexually compulsive behavior. Dr. Carnes, PhD, is the founder of the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP).

Robert Potter, M.A., LASAC, ASAT, Primary TherapistRobert Potter, M.A., LASAC, ASAT, a valued member of our staff, is primary therapist for the Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Sex and Love Addiction treatment program. Bob has completed three of the four modules of the CSAT ® program of the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP) founded by Dr. Patrick Carnes, Ph.D. 

Bob will achieve full completion of all modules of the CSAT ® program in summer 2016. His clinical behavioral health experience includes detox, inpatient, residential and outpatient. Bob combines Mindfulness with evidence based therapy such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing and Dr. Patrick Carnes’ Thirty-Task Model; as well as the spiritual principles of 12-Step work.

Sex and Love Addictions Often Co-Occur with Other Addictions

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, Impaired Professionals RecoveryThe reward area of the brain works the same regardless of the addiction. When an addict engages in compulsive behavior – whether drinking, drugging or sexually – the brain processes the good feeling and shouts out for more.

The cycle of addiction is the same too. One thinks about getting high, having sex, falling in love – to the extent of thought turning into a mental obsession.

Eventually the obsession initiates a behavior that is ritualistic in nature. Then the act occurs and instantly the addict feels better, temporarily. Next come feelings of guilt, shame and remorse for a period of time until one thinks about doing it again and the cycle starts over.

Intimacy Not the Goal for Sex and Love Addicts

· For a sex addict, arousal and instant pleasure are the driving forces rather than intimacy.
· For a love addict, the chase and “falling in love” replaces a healthy long-term relationship.

Often a sex addict is in a committed relationship. When he/she gets caught, they may say: “It didn’t mean anything.” And often it doesn’t.

“Since the addict feels unloved and unlovable they have little confidence in the love of others and become calculating, manipulative and ruthless. They are purposely unclear about their intentions in relationship and are seductive in their behavior. Sex and love addicts also have a high need to control all situations in an effort to guarantee their sexual supply and ensure all possible sexual opportunities.”
Dr. Patrick Carnes, Out of the Shadows: Understanding Sexual Addiction

Many sex addicts and love addicts have a mood disorder. Their impulsive acting out occurs in a manic state. Mood disorders must be treated for successful resolution of a sex or love addiction.

Like any addiction, sex and love addiction gets worse, never better. Addicts need more and more to satisfy an obsession. Whether the addiction has greater intensity or greater frequency, or both – it will get worse and can create very serious personal and family consequences.

Questions? Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Has Answers

Arrowhead-Lodge-Recovery-Mindfulness-Meditation-Creates-CalmArrowhead Lodge Recovery has helped many men begin (or re-start) their recovery from sex and/or love addiction to a healthy self image, self confidence and sincere intimacy.

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