Psychoeducation Groups

When entering into addiction treatment, therapy is expected and provided. But there is more to rehab for men than therapy. Education about the disease of addiction and recovery is a vital part of the Arrowhead Lodge Recovery men’s rehab program.

Psychoeducation for Addiction Recovery

Psychoeducation consists of lectures, videos and books designed to help men struggling with addiction.

Psychoeducation encompass a broad range of activities that combine education and other activities such as counseling and supportive interventions. Psychoeducational interventions may be delivered individually or in groups and are tailored to the individual.

Psychoeducation includes providing clients with training to respond to trigger situations with problem-solving strategies for maintaining sobriety.

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Psychoeducation

At Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, clients receive individual therapy, group therapy and psychoeducational sessions to help them achieve their treatment goals. Some of our psychoeducational groups include:

Our client centered treatment focus is designed to provide the best in treatment experience so that our clients may achieve their treatment and life goals in sobriety.

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Psycho-educational groups differ from therapy groups by:

  • Helping the client expand their understanding of addiction and the consequences including: medical, psychological, family, legal, career and more.
  • Providing concrete information that clients may apply to their lives
  • Supporting the therapeutic process.
  • Empowering clients through awareness and direct application of recovery principles.

Another difference is that while group therapy at Arrowhead Lodge Recovery is facilitated by licensed, master’s level therapists, psychoeducation may be facilitated by someone with lesser credentials. Psychoeducation at Arrowhead Lodge Recovery is monitored and directed by a licensed masters level therapist.

The use of psychoeducation groups helps round out the clinical offering of our treatment program and provides clients with a broader recovery experience than therapy alone.

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