Kenneth Chance, D.Div.

CEO and President of Arrowhead Lodge Recovery

Arrowhead-Lodge-Executive-Director-Kenneth-ChanceD.Div.Dr. Kenneth Chance, D.Div. is the founder and CEO/President of Arrowhead Lodge Recovery.

Kenneth is the author of Confessions of a Closed Male; A Story of Spiritual Awakening”.

He is the visionary for the Arrowhead Lodge Addiction Recovery Model. Addiction treatment at Arrowhead Lodge Recovery involves recovery for the Whole Person.

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery – Rehab for Mature Men

Average Client Age is 45 – 65. Our Prescott, AZ rehab for men provides high quality care in a small setting with high staff ratios.

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, Rehab for Boomer Men, Group Therapy

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery treats men over the age of 30 for addiction, trauma and co-occurring disorders in a pristine mountain setting in Northern Arizona. Our unique program is designed specifically for mature men who desire to regain their lives from the prison of addiction.

We provide addiction rehab treatment for mature men who suffer from chronic alcoholism, various addictions and substance abuse disorders. Our opioid addiction program includes treatment for chronic pain.

Rehab for Men

Why Gender and Age Specific Addiction Treatment Matters by Kenneth Chance, D.Div.

When a man is suffering from physical issues like chronic pain, depression, or other co-occurring disorder – their ability to achieve and maintain sobriety is compromised.

At Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, we help our clients to get clean and stay that way. We do this by treating the underlying factors in their lives that make sobriety more difficult.

Whole Person Addiction Treatment

Alcohol and addiction treatment at Arrowhead Lodge Recovery includes cognitive behavioral therapy, co-occurring disorders therapy, mindfulness training, nutrition counseling and fitness, personal spiritual experience and aftercare.

My personal experience with addiction is the “Why” of Arrowhead Lodge Recovery

While struggling with my addiction, I needed a safe place to fall apart and none existed at that time. The thought occurred to me that other men needed a safe place too. Arrowhead Lodge Recovery is that safe place.

If you, or your loved one can identify with the why of Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, then I personally invite you to call us now. We are men helping men recover from substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. We understand addiction – and more importantly – we understand the empty, hollow feeling that addiction creates.

Kenneth Chance practices a no-nonsense approach to recovery based upon the twelve spiritual principles of Alcoholics Anonymous that have helped millions recover from addiction. Through his own personal recovery, Ken has experienced not only the ravages of the disease of alcoholism; he has also experienced the effect of an untreated co-occurring disorder. For this reason he is committed to provide proven medical, psychological and spiritual resources to all who suffer from addiction.

Ken enjoys the outdoors and is often on his motorcycle riding through the northern Arizona mountains.