Individual and Group Substance Abuse Counseling

At Arrowhead Lodge Recovery rehab for men, all clients receive individual and group addiction counseling. Our addiction counseling is provided by licensed substance abuse counselors.

Professional and competent addiction therapy and counseling is key in sustaining long-term and lasting addiction recovery. The Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Staff provides our clients with the highest quality of care.

Our licensed addiction recovery team gives our clients the tools and support to live life free of addiction and chronic pain. And to re-discover the joys of sober living!

Due to our small size, Arrowhead Lodge Recovery clients receive personal attention.

Our addiction rehab for men is geared specifically toward men over the age of 30. Our staff includes:

. M.D., Pain Medicine and Addictionologist
. M.D., Addiction Psychiatrist and Addictionologist
. Dr. Clinical Psychology M.A., LASAC, ASAT
. Cognitive Behavioral Therapists (CBT)
. Associate Sex Addiction Therapist (ASAT)
. LPC, LISAC Master’s Level Licensed Substance Abuse Counselors
. Registered nurse
. Doctor of Divinity
. Peer support specialists
. Addiction oriented nutritionist, MA, MNT, CAN
. And more…

What is a Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor and Why is it Important to YOU?

In the state of Arizona, a licensed substance abuse counselor is either a LASAC or a LISAC. Both are master’s level licenses.

A LASAC is a licensed associate substance abuse counselor. This means the individual has the requisite education but lacks sufficient supervised hours to be a LISAC. A LASAC must be supervised by a LISAC.

A LISAC is a licensed independent substance abuse counselor. This means the individual has the requisite education and experience and may practice as an independent counselor.

Certified substance abuse counselors differ from licensed substance abuse counselors primarily in education and training. Common certifications include: CAADAC, CADAC, NCAC. Professionals with a nationally recognized certification may provide counseling in their specialty. Some certifications require a bachelor’s degree, but some do not. A certified addiction counselor must practice with the supervision of a LISAC in the state of Arizona.

A MAC designation is a Masters in Addiction Counseling; it does not replace the need for licensure in Arizona.

A behavioral health technician (BHT) has neither the education nor credentials to provide the clinical expertise in diagnosis and treatment through counseling for someone suffering from substance abuse disorder(s). A BHT has an important supporting role in addiction treatment, but is not intended to replace the need for a licensed counselor.

Why Not Therapy By Behavioral Health Technicians (BHT’s)?

Would you trust your dental care to a dental hygienist? When you have a question regarding prescriptions do you want to consult with a licensed pharmacist or a pharmacy tech?

Look closely at the staff pages on the websites of treatment centers to see if they have “behavioral health technicians” on their clinical team. If so, you should ask the admissions counselor who actually provides individual and group substance abuse counseling.

Arrowhead Lodge Licensed Substance Abuse Counselors

At Arrowhead Lodge Recovery – our licensed, qualified and experienced substance abuse counselors provide individual and group substance abuse counseling.

Our behavioral health technicians (BHT’s) support clients in other matters related to their recovery.

Questions? Please Contact Us

To learn more about Arrowhead Lodge Recovery rehab for men, please contact us at 888-654-2800.