Mission Statement

The Arrowhead Lodge Recovery  mission is to help men, over the age of 30, recover from alcoholism, drug addiction and sex addiction – as well as co-occurring mental health disorders; so that they may discover their True Authentic Self and live a life of meaning, purpose and joy.

Code of Ethics

  • Arrowhead Lodge Recovery strives to achieve excellence in providing behavioral healthcare services to our clients. Our code of ethics guides us in how we conduct ourselves in doing so.
  • Arrowhead Lodge Recovery is committed to uphold the ethics of our industry, both to our clients and their families and the treatment community.
  • Arrowhead Lodge Recovery treats our clients and their families with dignity and respect at all times.
    We protect the privacy of our clients by complying with State and Federal privacy laws.
  • Our professional treatment services are provided to meet the behavioral health needs of our clients at an appropriate level of care.
  • Arrowhead Lodge Recovery’s policies and procedures are compliant with the State of Arizona Department of Health’s administrative rules as well as The Joint Commission.
  • We use our best efforts to determine a prospective client’s clinical appropriateness for our program. We attempt to provide prospective clients referrals to other facilities as appropriate.
  • The decision to discharge a client from our care is determined clinically and administratively and is made solely on the basis of what is best for that client and for the community as a whole.
  • Arrowhead Lodge Recovery provides a professional and ethical inter-disciplinary approach to client care.
  • We are a gender specific facility and limit our admissions criteria to men, over the age of 30. English is our spoken language. We do not otherwise discriminate against any man over the age of 30 for any services provided on the basis of race, creed or national origin.
  • Arrowhead Lodge Recovery’s advertising, marketing materials and website accurately describe our facility and our treatment program. We constantly evaluate the quality of our program and its offerings and regularly make program improvements that may or may not be reflected in our current version of advertising, marketing material and/or our website.
  • Arrowhead Lodge Recovery provides information in our advertising, on our website, and in our collateral marketing materials about the general location of our facility, our staff, and our program.
  • Arrowhead Lodge Recovery believes that continuing care services are essential for long-term recovery. We therefore provide outpatient services for our clients in addition to our residential program.
  • Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, our employed and contracted professional clinicians, are members of industry trade associations for behavioral, mental and physical health and are committed to the code of ethics of the respective organizations to which we/they are members. These include:

    NAATP (National Association of Addiction Treatment Professionals)
    NAADAC (The Association of Addiction Professionals)
    ASAM – (American Society of Addiction Medicine)
    APA/APA (American Psychiatric Association and American Psychological Association)
    ACA (American Counseling Association)
    BBB (Better Business Bureau)

  • Arrowhead Lodge Recovery supports the SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) treatment practice guidelines.
  • Arrowhead Lodge Recovery recognizes that ongoing internal evaluation of care is essential.
  • The Arrowhead Lodge Recovery facility environment enhances the human dignity and rights of clients.
    Arrowhead Lodge Recovery seeks to cultivate professional relationships and communications with related public and private agencies, associations and institutions.
  • Arrowhead Lodge Recovery may refer individuals to other treatment or recovery support professionals, including: interventionists, continuing care providers, monitoring agencies, and/or referral sources that offer services to clients prior to or after outpatient or residential treatment.
  • Arrowhead Lodge Recovery does not make payment or compensation to any individual or organization in exchange for patient referrals – neither in the form of direct payment, large gifts, nor other forms of remuneration or compensation.
  • Arrowhead Lodge Recovery will not engage in “patient brokering”, will not exploit clients and or families, particularly for the purpose of promoting our program; and will not engage in competitive practices that are unduly predatory and/or destructive to a professional marketplace.