Individual and Group Psychotherapy for Co-occurring Disorders

A co-occurring disorder means the addict has something else going on in addition to his addiction.

This may be depression disorder, anxiety disorder, PTSD, trauma, mood disorders (including bi-polar disorder), and personality disorders (anti-social, borderline, narcissistic, obsessive compulsive personality disorder, etc.)

For clients who suffer from a co-occurring disorder, Arrowhead Lodge Recovery provides group and individual counseling by a licensed clinical social worker, a licensed professional counselor and a clinical psychologist. This means our clients receive evidence-based treatment for a wide range of disorders by competent professionals.

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Licensed Counselors

At Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, our licensed counselors provide individual and group counseling; as well as BHT’s who support our clients in all other matters related to their recovery.

Your diagnosis and behavioral and mental health counseling is done by a licensed professional at Arrowhead Lodge Recovery.

Why a Licensed Professional and Why is it Important to YOU?

In the state of Arizona, a licensure controls one’s scope of practice. Substance abuse counselors (LISAC and LASAC) have a limited scope of practice; however, licensed clinical social workers (LCSW) and license professional counselors (LPC) have a broad scope of practice. By having all three levels of licensure at Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, we can treat most behavioral and mental health disorders; however, we do not treat seriously mentally ill (SMI) patients or acutely mentally ill patients.

A behavioral health technician (BHT) has neither the education nor credentials to provide the clinical expertise in diagnosis and counseling for someone suffering from a mental health disorder(s). A BHT plays an important supporting role in behavioral health treatment, but a BHT does not replace the need for a licensed counselor.

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