Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Staff

Residential-only Rehab for Mature Men | Our Average Client Age is 45 – 65

Our addiction rehab for men prides itself on offering high quality care in a small setting with high staff ratios.

Our staff to client ratio is 1.5:1 so that each client receives the necessary individualized treatment required from our highly credentialed and experienced staff.

Kenneth Byrd Chance, D.Div., CEO/Founder

Arrowhead-Lodge-Executive-Director-Kenneth-ChanceD.Div.Dr. Kenneth Chance, D.Div. is the founder and CEO/President of Arrowhead Lodge Recovery. He is the author of Confessions of a Closed Male; A Story of Spiritual Awakeningand the visionary for the Arrowhead Lodge Model of recovery. Ken practices a no-nonsense approach to recovery based upon the twelve spiritual principles of Alcoholics Anonymous that have helped millions recover from alcoholism.

Through his own personal recovery, Ken has experienced not only the ravages of the disease of alcoholism; he has also experienced the effect of an untreated co-occurring disorder. For this reason he is committed to provide proven medical, psychological and spiritual resources to all who suffer from addiction. He enjoys the outdoors and is often on his motorcycle riding through the northern Arizona mountains.

Dr. Rob Ashby, M.D., Medical Director: Pain Medicine and Addictionologist

Dr. Rob Ashby, M.D., Medical Director, Pain Medicine and AddictionologistDr. Ashby is an Arizona native having earned his medical degree at the University of Arizona in 1976. He is board certified by the American Board of Pain Medicine, the American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM and ASAM) and the American Board of Anesthesiology.

In addition to allopathic medicine, Dr. Ashby has training in alternative medicine from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Dr. Ashby is available for consultation with our clients for physical medicine, pain medicine and addiction medicine.

Dr. Houshang Semino, M.D., Consulting Psychiatrist, Addiction Psychiatrist/Addictionologist


Dr. Semino is an addiction psychiatrist with over 40 years of experience.

He received his medical degree from the Tehran University of Medical Sciences School of Medicine in 1968 and completed his residency at New York Medical College, Metropolitan Hospital Center.

Dr. Semino is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and the American Society of Addiction Medicine. He provides psychiatric consultation services for the Arrowhead Lodge Recovery clinical team and performs comprehensive evaluations and assessments for our professional clients as part of our professional well-being program

Dr. Martin Keller, Ed.D., Consulting Clinical Psychologist

Dr.Martin-KellerEd.D.Clinical-PsychologistDiplomate in Clinical Psychology Dr. Keller works with clients who have co-occurring disorders to ensure the treatment plan adequately addresses the psych needs of the client.

Dr. Keller is a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology and a Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology. He completed his undergraduate work at Temple University, his Masters from Columbia University, and his Doctorate from Rutgers University. He is on the staff of Scottsdale HealthCare Hospital, John C Lincoln Hospital, and Paradise Valley Hospital.

He is listed in the National Register of Health Service Providers in psychology. He is a certified school psychologist and holds diplomas from the American Academy of Behavioral Medicine and the International Academy of Professional Counseling and Psychotherapy. Dr. Keller is a member of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts and is listed on the Maricopa County Family Court’s mental health provider list.

Robert Potter, M.A., LASAC, CSAT, Clinical Director

Robert Potter, M.A., LASAC, ASAT, Primary TherapistBob’s clinical behavioral health experience includes detox, inpatient, residential and outpatient. A person in long-term recovery, Bob combines mindfulness and an eastern spiritual practice with evidence based therapy such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing as well as the spiritual principles of 12-Step work.

Mr. Potter is also a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) in the CSAT ® program of the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP); founded by Dr. Patrick Carnes, Ph.D.

Rene Broussard, LPC, LISAC

Rene Broussard, LPC, LISACRene Broussard, LPC, LISAC, is an Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners (AZBBHE) Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) since 2008, and Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor (LISAC) since 2009.

A Prescott resident expert regarding Substance Abuse Treatment Advisement, Best Practice in clinical application of Psychotherapy, and Counseling Supervision – Rene’s move to Arizona in 2005 distinguished her Clinical Counseling career from her background in education.

The practice of psychotherapy is one which she happily continues today in the form of Group Counseling; as well as Family, Couple’s and Individual Counseling in private practice. As a specialist in EMDR, Substance Abuse and Addictions Treatment, as well as treatment of depression and anxiety as related to various life transitions – Rene is affirming, educated and aware regarding special treatment considerations surrounding the LGBTQ+ Community.

Also notable is her status as a qualified Clinical Supervisor for AZ Counselors seeking full, independent state licensure. Rene prides herself on immersion in Community Involvement; as indicated by her role as the 2016 President Elect of Prescott’s own Granite Mountain Psychological Society. She is also a founding President of PFLAG Prescott, an emergent chapter of the national entity.

Libby Smith Ed.D., Ph.D., Equine-Assisted Practitioner

Libby Smith Ed.D., Ph.D. - Educator, Life Coach, Author, Equine-Assisted PractitionerLibby Smith is an educator, Life Coach, author, and Equine-Assisted Practitioner. She is a member of NAADAC, and is currently Chair of the Certification Board for Equine Interaction Professionals.

Libby has taught for over twenty-two years and has written and published several books including her most recent, “What’s the Matter?” In her work as a counselor at Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, she performs individual, experiential, equine therapy and psychoeducation for our clients.

Wind Horse Wellness

Victoria Abel, MA, MNT, CAN, Nutritionist has been in the field of addiction and recovery since 1992, having received her first Masters and working in dual diagnosis treatment centers. After her daughter’s critical illness was healed through a change in diet, her interest in food escalated.

After completing a nutrition degree, she combined her years as an addiction therapist and her passion for nutrition and creativity. Victoria now consults at many treatment centers providing one on one nutrition therapy with clients. She also is the nutrition therapist for partners for integrated cancer therapies. She provides nutrition information for patients fighting cancer and other diseases. Victoria lives in the mountains of Arizona with her now very healthy daughter.

Jay Staples, Marketing Director

Jay Staples, A Sober Caddy

It’s safe to say that finding a solution to a seemingly hopeless disease has been Jay’s driving force and passion the moment he became sober on October 19th, 2008. Jay has experience in all areas of the treatment industry, including Chief Operating Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, and Treatment Consultant. Jay is 100% dedicated to educating and empowering addicts and alcoholics from all walks of life.

His main mission is to provide mental health support, all while eliminating the “addicts and alcoholics are deadbeats” stereotype once and for all. Jay often speaks at various venues including jails, churches, and schools. He has also made it a point to educate lawmakers on the importance of “treatment over incarceration.” During his free time, Jay enjoys watching sports, playing golf, and watching standup comedy. Most importantly, he loves spending quality time with his family—especially with his nephews, niece, and best friend in cat form, Bernie.

Kyle Schwartz, Lead Residential Behavioral Health Technician, Client Care Coordinator

Kyle SchwartzKyle Schwartz is the lead residential behavioral health technician at Arrowhead Lodge. He is also the client care coordinator where he oversees intakes, case management, and aftercare planning. Kyle grew up in Dallas Texas, moved to Arizona in 1999, and immediately fell in love with the Arizona climate and landscape. Kyle is a recent graduate, with honors, from Yavapai College. He plans to start his bachelor’s degree at Northern Arizona University in the fall of 2017.

When Kyle is not working, he enjoys spending much of his time with his three children and lovely wife. Kyle is heavily involved in the recovery community and enjoys working with his sponsor and the three men that he sponsor’s. Through the programs of A.A. and N.A., Kyle has worked to give himself a new lease on life, and because of this gift he has dedicated his life to helping others’ with substance use disorder.

In Memorial
Ronald G. Swenson, LISAC
1945 – 2015

Ron-Swenson-LISAC-Clinical-SupervisorRon Swenson, LISAC, passed away Tuesday, July 21, 2015, just two weeks after his 70th. birthday and four days before his 52nd wedding anniversary. He is survived by his wife, Jackie, his father, Sherney Ardell Knutson, his children, Craig Swenson, Karen Hagert and Ginny Orsten, 14 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. He had 42 years of continuous sobriety and had attended the 80th. anniversary World Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous in Atlanta, Georgia just two weeks prior.

Ron was the founding counselor for Montana Lodge and then Clinical Director for Arrowhead Lodge Recovery. He started counseling at Wilmar Hospital and continued with several notable treatment centers in New York and Arizona.

Words cannot adequately express what a great man Ron was nor can his legacy be truly known. If his life were a candle, the number of other candles lit directly from his light are numberless and the candles lit indirectly from his light might equal the stars in the sky. He helped literally thousands recover from addiction, either through sponsorship, counseling, being a friendly listener or simply by the way he lived.

Ron was more than a counselor at Arrowhead Lodge Recovery. He exemplified what it meant to be a man in recovery and was a living example of how to live according to spiritual principles.

The staff at Arrowhead Lodge Recovery mourn his loss, yet celebrate and honor the life he lived and the warmth of spirit he shared with each of us. In addition to counseling, Ron, and his faithful dog, Nova, showed up every Wednesday to take our men hiking in Northern Arizona, ever desirous that a spiritual awareness come from the experience of being in nature – God’s creation.

We miss Ron and say farewell to a dear friend and mentor. His lasting legacy of recovery shall live on through Arrowhead Lodge Recovery.

For more information about the staff or addiction program at our Arizona rehab center, please contact us at 888-654-2800.