Arrowhead Lodge Recovery – A Residential Program

Research shows that the longer one is in treatment, the better chances of long-term recovery.

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery provides residential-only addiction treatment for men over the age of 30. Our average client age is 45-65 years old.

Addiction is as much a mental and spiritual problem as it is a physical problem. Through the combination of evidence-based therapies and 12-Step education and participation, the residential-only rehab program at Arrowhead Lodge Recovery helps clients establish a foundation for long-term recovery.

The Arrowhead Lodge Recovery addiction treatment program is built from the ground up to support the unique needs of an older man.

This is what separates Arrowhead Lodge Recovery from other treatment programs that cater to younger adults. We are a safe place for a man to fall apart so that he may recover his authentic self.

We help our clients succeed in recovery beyond their stay in treatment. We recognize the chronic and lethal nature of addiction – and the level of support and care required to live a fulfilling life free of addiction.


Level I – Symptom Stabilization and Preparation

45 Days

The first goal in treatment is to stabilize the client’s physical and mental symptoms. Participation in group therapy is not possible if one’s physical and/or mental state is acute.

At Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, our initial focus of rehab is to help our clients move from substance addiction to participation in treatment. Once stabilized, the client is ready for counseling and education for his alcoholism and/or drug addiction. Treatment in Level I focuses on the client’s primary addiction and co-occurring disorder so that he is prepared to move to Level II for deeper emotional psychotherapy for trauma, grief, loss, as well as any mental health disorder. In Level I, the family is involved through weekly sessions via a secure audio/visual portal.

Upon completion of Level I, the client will:
• Feel much better physically and mentally through proper medical care, psychiatric care, nutritional care and exercise.
• Have a better understanding of his addiction and the problems caused as the result of his alcoholism and/or drug addiction.
• Experience a general sense of well being as the result of practicing mindfulness.
• Be motivated to engage therapy to resolve buried emotional matters, be they trauma, grief and loss, that continue to cause deep shame and guilt.
• Have a greater insight into the problems within his family caused by his drinking and/or drugging.

Level II – Action

45 Days

“Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

Individuals get better when necessary action is taken to change thought and actions. Level II is about changing not only how one thinks, but changing core beliefs to match inner truth.

In Level II the focus of treatment is more about mental and emotional health issues including: trauma, grief, loss, shame, guilt, mental health, professional boundaries and cross addictions, such as sex addiction. Clients are able to talk about and resolve issues that they have never talked about before.

Mindfulness and meditation practices are deepened to integrate changes in one’s body, mind and soul.

In Level II the family comes to Arrowhead Lodge Recovery for two days of intensive, private counseling with the client and his primary therapist. We have found this approach much more effective than the traditional “Family Week” model used by other treatment programs. In a private and confidential setting, our Family Program is tailored and focused to each family’s specific problems at home.

Upon completion of Level II, the client will:
• Have 90 days of sobriety, perhaps for the first time ever.
• Have worked on deeply rooted emotional problems to change deeply rooted beliefs of core shame and guilt.
• Have an awareness of his spiritual essence and authentic self.
• Be ready to return home, or to transitional living as part of Level III.


3-6 Months

Implementing a recovery oriented lifestyle can be a challenge. With the right level of support, it can be less daunting.

One of the chief reasons for relapse is the lack of safe, supportive housing and accountability. In recognition of these two facts, Arrowhead Lodge Recovery provides an executive transitional living home in Prescott, Arizona. For those who are unable to reside in Prescott, we provide referrals to select transitional living homes throughout the country.

For accountability, compliance monitoring is proven effective in helping individuals achieve long-term recovery. Compliance monitoring is why physicians, dentists, attorneys and airline pilots, as well as other licensed professionals, experience the highest recovery rates of those who complete treatment.

Research shows that it takes about 10-12 weeks to:

• Receive therapeutic benefits from psychotropic medications to treat depression, anxiety, mood disorders and psychosis
• Learn effective coping skills and make cognitive changes through counseling
• Have an experience with one’s authentic Self

The Residential Rehab Phase at Arrowhead Lodge Recovery includes:

• Medical care by a board certified addiction medicine physician
• Psychiatric care by an addiction psychiatrist
• Mental health oversight by a clinical psychologist
• Substance abuse counseling by a master’s level and licensed substance abuse counselor
• Mental health counseling by a master’s level and licensed professional counselor
• Trauma counseling by a master’s level and licensed counselor
• Family counseling by a master’s level licensed counselor
• Equine therapy by a licensed counselor
• Spiritual coaching by a doctor of divinity
• Nutritional education by an addiction trained nutritionist
• Psycho-education for substance abuse and mental health
• Mindfulness based stress reduction and relapse prevention
• 12-Step foundation and meeting attendance

Addiction Recovery Aftercare Follow-up

Following residential treatment, individuals should continue with outpatient aftercare coupled with appropriate living options, such as sober living or some other therapeutic community.

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