The Outpatient Aftercare Program at Arrowhead Lodge Recovery

Aftercare is an important part of long-term recovery, especially when a co-occurring disorder, such as depression, exists alongside the addiction. The Arrowhead Lodge outpatient program supports the continuing care needs of our residential clients for as long as necessary.

Components of our Outpatient Aftercare Program include:

• Weekly groups geared toward how to live in recovery
• Continuing medical care by a board certified addiction medicine physician as needed
• Continuing psychiatric care by an addiction psychiatrist as needed
• Continuing mental health oversight by a clinical psychologist as needed
• Weekly counseling for substance abuse, sex addiction, mental health problems and trauma on an as-needed basis
• Continued psycho-education groups for substance abuse and mental health
• Continued emphasis on mindfulness based stress reduction and relapse prevention practices
• Continued 12-Step meeting attendance

Clients who choose to participate in the Arrowhead Lodge Outpatient Aftercare Program reside in the Prescott area where they find employment and social support in the local community.

Aftercare Provides Highest Rates of Lasting Recovery

Clients who return to their home are referred to local outpatient programs for continued care. We highly recommend aftercare monitoring to help in maintaining long-term sobriety. Addicts who use aftercare monitoring achieve the highest rates of lasting recovery.