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Complete 45-Day and 90-Day residential medical, mind and body treatment for
opioid prescription painkiller medication addiction, and underlying pain, in men 30 and older.

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Opioid pain medication dependency is a growing problem for men. For many, what starts as a prescription to manage pain following an injury or surgery can quickly spiral into addiction and more pain.

But for many who become addicted, not only does the root cause of the pain go unaddressed, but the pain of opioid addiction and its associated physical, psychological, and social effects compound the problem. Addiction transforms a once healthy and productive man into a shadow of his former self. At Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, we understand that successfully treating opioid pain medication addiction requires a comprehensive approach that addresses not just the addiction, but the root cause of each man’s pain, and his physical and mental health.

Our Prescription Opioid Painkillers Addiction Program gradually reduces and removes opioid painkiller dependency, provides the physical assessment, and the therapy and exercise needed to rebuild a healthier body. The Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Opioid Addiction Program reduces pain, and provides the counseling and assistance to rekindle and regain your personal power and purpose.

golden-arrowTreating opioid pain medication addiction and dependency

golden-arrowAddressing the underlying pain and causes of addiction to create lasting change

golden-arrowIdentifying and caring for depression, anxiety and trauma

golden-arrowEncouraging the entire family to heal, and to become part of the healing process

golden-arrowOffering 45-Day and 90-Day Residential Treatment Programs

Experienced, licensed professionals address the full range
of each man’s addiction, physical and mental well being…

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Our professional and licensed team consists of a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, registered nurse, licensed therapists, nutritionist, and doctor of divinity.

Our staff is exceptionally experienced in dealing with addiction, men’s health, and a wide array of treatments and therapies to create lasting recovery.

Our focus on helping each man regain his sense of authentic self and spirit.

Whether religious or agnostic, it is fundamental to our belief that sustaining lasting recovery requires re-acquiring and reconciling with ‘the sacred’ (however each individual experiences it).

The security and comfort of an exclusively adult male community
can make all the difference in effective treatment…

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery exclusively treats men 30+.

Created in response to the personal life experiences of founder Kenneth Chance, Arrowhead Lodge Recovery men’s rehab is designed to give adult men a safe, comfortable and secure environment in which to learn, heal and grow.

When men live among others of similar life experience and when they encounter kindred spirits as committed to recovery as they are themselves, they can feel more comfortable, share more openly, and address their deepest issues.

By maintaining a high staff-to-client ratio, Arrowhead Lodge Recovery is able to focus intensive therapy and attention to each man, and to deliver truly individualized care.

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Life at the Lodge…

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, Men's Rehab, Prescott AZ

Arrowhead-Lodge-Recovery,Men's Rehab Group Therapy, Prescott AZ

Removed from the incessant sights and sounds of daily life and nestled into a niche of ancient stone, Arrowhead Lodge Recovery’s 10,000 square-foot log cabin is a place of profound peace.

The veneer of a man’s daily false self is stripped away here in the hills of Prescott’s National Forest – where the immense beauty of nature surrounds you. Coming to live and heal here in the high country of Prescott, Arizona offers its own unique benefit.

Being immersed in a secluded, tranquil environment specifically created to heal men is a profoundly effective aspect of one’s time at the Lodge. Life at Arrowhead Lodge Recovery consists of living in comfort and community while healing, learning and enjoying life.

In addition to daily group and individual therapy, our clients regularly do 12-Step work, receive addiction education, take part in a personalized fitness program, enjoy and learn from experiential therapies, take hikes and excursions to the many nearby mountain and valley trails, and receive transportation to any necessary medical appointments.

Recreation and personal time to relax and reflect are important here. The food is plentiful and nutritious and the men prepare meals and shop for healthful foods with help from a nutritionist.

The Lodge’s movie theater is a place to relax and converse in the evenings. And our gym helps each man become more physically active and fit, no matter his condition.

See more about life at Arrowhead Lodge Recovery
and if our program sounds right for you or your loved one.


Arrowhead Lodge Recovery is an ideal place for men 30 and older to receive comprehensive, compassionate treatment for opioid
pain medication addiction.

If we believe that your needs would be better suited by another program, we will do our best to direct you toward the help you need.

For a confidential conversation to discuss your situation and learn more about the Arrowhead Lodge Recovery program, please call 888-654-2800.

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