Who Is an Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Client?

Rehab for Adult Men | Our Average Client Age is 45 – 65

Our Prescott, AZ rehab for men provides high quality care in a small setting with high staff ratios.

Our clients include physicians, attorneys, pilots, business owners, executives, managers and blue-collar workers – because addiction doesn’t care about who you are, what you do or how much money you make. The age of our average client is 45-65.

While there is no one profile of an Arrowhead Lodge Recovery client, you can probably answer “yes” to three or more of the following questions:

  1. Are you over the age of 30?
  2. Do you want to stop drinking or using drugs, including prescription medication?
  3. Have you tried to stop by yourself only to start again?
  4. Have you been through a primary, inpatient treatment program?
  5. Do you have a co-occurring mental disorder such as depression, anxiety or bi-polar disorder?
  6. Do you feel empty inside?
  7. Is your marriage, or close relationship, in trouble?
  8. Are you separated or divorced, or contemplating one of the two?
  9. Is your career at risk?
  10. Have you got legal problems?
  11. Do you feel like there’s little or no hope for your life to get better?
  12. Has someone close to you suggested you get help?
  13. Are you willing to take the necessary time to get better?
  14. If we told you that we have helped many men in your condition, would you like to know how?
  15. Are you reluctant to admit that you need help?
  16. Have you experienced early childhood trauma?
  17. Has someone close to you died in the past five years?
  18. Has someone close to you left you recently due to your drug and/or alcohol use?
  19. Are you less productive at work?
  20. Deep down inside, are you afraid of what you feel?

If you answered “yes” to five or more of these questions, you need our help. If you answered “yes” to more than ten of these questions, you may really need our help – and the sooner the better!

Call us now to discuss how the Arrowhead Lodge Recovery men’s rehab in Arizona can help you start your journey to feeling better and living a life full of joy, purpose and hope.

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