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Men’s Addiction & Trauma Treatment

For Men Over Age 30



Learn About Our Mission & Approach to Recovery

The Arrowhead Lodge Program

  • Nine men living in community for 90 days within a 10,000 square foot lodge and its beautiful natural surroundings of Prescott, Arizona

  • Individualized treatment plans tailored to each man’s substance and/or process addiction, co-occurring disorders, and trauma including PTSD

  • A Twelve-Step approach to addiction treatment supplemented by extensive medical, psychological, experiential and group therapies

  • Providing crucial family member support and education via telephone sessions and our 3-day on-site family program

  • A special focus on exploring, awakening, and reconnecting to one’s inner spirit to foster healthy thinking and motivation for lasting recovery and sobriety

5 Year Continuum of Care Model

  • Level I:  Symptom Stabilization and Preparation — 45 Days

  • Level II:  Action — 45 Days

  • Level III:  Implementation — 3 to 6 Months

  • Level IV:  Sustainability — 1 to 5 Years

  • Recovery Journey to Wholeness and Healing

Our 5 Year Continuum of Care Model is designed to help our clients succeed in recovery beyond their stay in treatment. We recognize the chronic and lethal nature of addiction – and the level of support and care required to live a fulfilling life free of addiction.

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“I am a 68 year old alcoholic in recovery… Ken Chance and Arrowhead Lodge literally saved my life… I never knew that I would be living with the happiness and peace I have now.”

~ Stan


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